The trademark «RIDDER» diamond cutoff wheels (DCW) of 1A1R pattern are poduced at the private enterprise in Tula and are used only for cutting natural and synthetic ornamental stones, marble, granite, glass, corundum, ceramic and other non-metallic materials.

The diamond cutoff wheels in different countries are called diamond stone-working saws and are used for stone-cutting machines.

Thanks to the enhanced quality control of manufactured diamond cutoff wheels “RIDDER”, aciieved has been a high wear resistance time and durability of diamonds due to a high bond strength of diamonds and matrix.

The cutting properties of the diamond cutoff wheels “RIDDER” remain constant in the course of operation owing to the uniform distribution of diamonds in the matrix and the homogeneous constitution of the matrix as a result of mechanical mixing and subsequent sintering.

Currently, the diamond cutoff wheels “RIDDER” are sold and exported to the following countries:

– Russia

– Israel

– Poland